Adult Reading Issues and Symptoms

Adult reading issues that can be helped with vision therapy

Vision therapy can help adults who may suffer from some of these problems:

  • Read but can’t remember
  • Don’t remember what people have told you
  • Difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships because of poor communication skills
  • Passed over for job promotions because of poor memory or poor communication skills
  • Feel out of place in conversations that move quickly

Every one of us has to see or visualize what is meant by the words we read and write. Sometimes people with learning-related vision problems can see the words, but they can’t see what they mean. Reading and writing are the two most common tasks adults will perform at work, driving the roads, eating at restaurants, and surfing the Internet.

Every time we read from a book, a sheet of paper, or a computer monitor, we are performing a visual task.

How We Read

When we read, we need to:

  • aim two eyes at the same point simultaneously and accurately,
  • focus both eyes to make the reading material clear,
  • continue or sustain clear focus, and
  • move two eyes continually as a coordinated team across the line of print.

When we move our eyes to the next line of print, we continue with the process.

Adult Reading Comprehension

In order to gain comprehension throughout the reading process, we are constantly taking in the visual information and decoding it from the written word into a mental image. Memory and visualization are also used to constantly relate the information to what is already known and to help make sense of what is being read.

How We Write

Writing is similar, but almost works in the reverse order to reading. We start with an image in our mind and code it into words. At the same time, we control the movement of the pencil while continually working to keep the written material making sense. Throughout all this, we focus our eyes and move them together just as in the reading process.

Complicated visual procedures are involved in both reading and writing. A problem with any or all of the visual parts of the processes described above can present difficulties in some way with reading and/or writing.

An eye exam at All Ages Vision Care can properly diagnose any adult reading issues you may be having. Then we can give you a vision therapy program to follow to help you resolve these issues!

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