Our Vision Therapy Success Stories

Emily’s story…

In Emily’s own words…

Vision therapy is something I looked forward to in the week. The learning, the games, the challenges and especially the people. 

I have improved in many areas. Reading, comprehension, awareness, and most importantly eye-hand coordination (which was the best and most worthwhile improvement). 

When I first began vision therapy, Dr. Beasley drew me a map of my progress. When I first saw it I was so confused but as she explained it to me, piece by piece, I understood.  That, I think, is exactly like vision therapy – piece by piece to make a whole. When that light bulb goes off you understand in your head, and visualize.

As Dr. Beasley once said, “Your eyes are your windows to your soul. Go Wolfpack!”             -Emily

Elizabeth’s story…

Vision therapy was made a big difference for Elizabeth. Over 2 years ago, when we first learned that Elizabeth had some difficulties at school, we decided to check into All Ages Vision Therapy. Our decision to go through thep rogram was the best decision that we could have made for her. She struggled with reading, writing, and memorization and had slight dyslexia. That’s just to name a few.

With dedication and a lot of patience, Elizabeth has been able to overcome all of the above! She is doing great in school and because of it, her confidence has gotten a whole lot better.

I would like to thank Dr. Beasley and her AWESOME staff who helped Elizabeth achieve her goals! It was the best investment that my husband and I have made.

Just to see her shine is priceless!                  -Linda (Elizabeth’s Mom)

Stephen’s story…

My name is Stephen and I am 10 years old. Just before my eighth birthday my teacher noticed I squinted at the chalkboard and I could not answer questions on paper. I’ve always had good reading and comprehension skills but writing was a problem.

Dr. Beasley understood my problem. First I got glasses. Then I started therapy. Early on I didn’t do my homework like I should. But I finally started doing therapy at home every day and I improved quickly.

Now I can answer questions in writing and my handwriting is so much better than before. My basketball, soccer and baseball skills are the best they have ever been.            – Stephen (Vision Therapy Patient)

Hannah’s story…

Hannah has always been a good student and an avid reader, but she would get terrible headaches that forced her to simply cling to me and cry. It was discovered that her eyes were not working together properly, thus we found ourselves at All Ages Vision Care. 

My husband and I wondered if the time and money we would need to invest would actually produce tangible results, but we decided to try vision therapy if there was the chance it could help our daughter. The journey required commitment – not merely financial but also time both by coming to the office for therapy every week and by making the time to do the eye exercises on a daily basis. Hannah’s vision therapist was knowledgeable and encouraging and the entire staff was always friendly and helpful.

After working with All Ages Vision Care for a little over a year, Hannah’s eye problem has been corrected. The investment we put into treatment produced a wonderful outcome. Hannah finds her school work easier, she reads at an even higher level than before vision therapy, she seems more adept at sports, she no longer sees double, and most importantly, her debilitating headaches are gone.

We praise God that He used the knowledge and experience of Dr. Beasley and the staff at All Ages Vision Care to help Hannah more clearly see the world around her.                   -Loa (Hannah’s Mom)

Cameron’s story…

Vision therapy has helped my son in so many different ways! He has more confidence academically and in all areas, especially language arts. Printed words do not “move” across the page anymore. He is able to handle complex problem solving in math, especially those that require multiple steps.

The therapists and Dr. Beasley are the best I have ever encountered!  They motivated my son to work hard in and out of sessions by making the work relateable, fun and challenging. This would encourage him to keep working toward the success they told him he could achieve!

Cameron wil look people in the eye and hold his eye contact longer than he ever has before. This fact, along with those listed above, is why I would highly recommend vision therapy for anyone at All Ages Vision Care.    

- Lisa (Cameron’s Mom)

From Tanner (Vision Therapy Patient)…

My eyes used to get tired when I read and sometimes my eyes got watery. Now I can read for much longer without any trouble and I enjoy it. Vision therapy helped me feel more confident in school. I learned a lot about perserverance – never giving up no matter how much I thought I wanted to. Thank you All Ages Vision Care. I did it!

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