Adult Vision Issues

Adult Vision Issues – Common Problems

As an adult, if you are struggling to read or if you are finding it difficult to remain on task, the cause may be an undetected vision problem, even if your eyesight is 20/20 and you’ve passed a routine eye exam. Just because you’re not a child in school doesn’t mean that you don’t have visual learning challenges! Adult vision issues are common.

Job Related Problems

What about challenges on the job? If you work on a computer or at a highly-repetitive job, chances are high that you can develop headaches, eye strain, aching shoulder or back muscles just from holding your neck in an awkward position to see.

You could have issues with poor eye tracking or visual perception problems. We can help you diagnose these issues with a simple eye exam. And if you do have real issues, we can help you resolve them with vision therapy.

Problems Driving at Night

Do you have to squint to see at night…even when you’re wearing eye glasses? Do lights make your eyes hurt or give you blurred vision? Do you see “doubles” of cars and roadside signs? If you do, you may have an eye disorder that can be diagnosed properly during an eye exam at All Ages Vision Care.

If we do discover issues with your eyes and vision, we can help you resolve these issues with a proper vision therapy program.

Problems Playing Sports

Do you lose the tracking and direction of where you hit the golf ball? Do you have trouble following the tennis ball once it leaves your racquet? Do you have trouble coordinating your hands and feet with the action of the sport? You may have an eye disorder that can be properly diagnosed during an eye exam here at All Ages Vision Care.

One of our goals at All Ages Vision Care is to educate the public about frequently overlooked vision problems in the hopes of helping adults who struggle unnecessarily because of undiagnosed vision disorders. In fact, many adults are often suspected of having learning disabilities, dyslexia, or attention deficits when the real culprit is their vision.

Patients with eye teaming, tracking, focusing, visual motor integration, and visual perception problems have weak visual skills which undermine the learning process and can cause such problems as difficulty reading, double vision, headaches, eye strain, and short attention spans. For these patients, therapy improves their visual skills so they can function normally in life situations and can continue to enjoy activities that require high-level visual skills.

All Ages Vision Care provides a full range of vision care services in adult optometry. We specialize in therapy for treatment of adult vision issues, including lazy eye, crossed eyes, tracking, and neuro-optometric rehabilitation for head injury, MS, Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy.

Examinations include a computerized, state-of-the-art diagnostic test to precisely determine visual responses and map eye tracking capabilities.

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