Vision Therapy for Autism and Special Needs Patients

Vision Therapy for Autism and Special Needs

At All Ages Vision Care we often work with patients who have autism and special needs. Vision therapy can work wonders with these special patients. We have skilled and experienced vision therapists who can help, even if there is no verbal communication.

Bringing loved ones diagnosed with autism and special needs to All Ages Vision Care is a great way to receive a first, second or even a third diagnosis from an eye doctor. Although we do not perform surgery, Dr. Genia Beasley is one of the leading Doctors of Optometry specializing in vision therapy.

Too often we categorize our children’s lack of concentration, illegible handwriting, inability to read, or class disruptions as “autistic” characteristics…because it’s easy and convenient. A comprehensive visual examination by Dr. Genia Beasley can identify particular disorders that are actually vision related! This means we can help improve your child’s performance and enjoyment!

Vision Therapy Is Not A Cure For Autism

While vision therapy certainly will not cure autism, we can bring the patient more comfort and personal security and improve academic performance. At the same time, vision therapy can bring our patients an overall more enjoyable and better quality of life. All autistic patients should have a thorough vision examination! We might be able to help avoid previously-recommended surgeries. Vision therapy is a “brain-related” treatment…not a muscular surgical treatment.

We urge you to contact us and let us have an opportunity to conduct a thorough visual examination of children and adults who may need vision therapy for autism and special needs.

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