Shared Symptoms: AD(H)D and Learning-Related Visual Problems

Symptoms Shared by AD(H)D and Learning-Related Visual Problems

  • Failure to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes
  • Difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities*
  • Does not listen when spoken to directly
  • Does not follow through on instructions/fails to finish work*
  • Difficulty organizing tasks and activities*
  • Avoids, dislikes or is reluctant to engage in tasks requiring sustained mental effort*
  • Often loses things*
  • Often distracted*
  • Forgetful in daily activities
  • Often fidgets or squirms in seat*
  • Has difficulty remaining seated when required to do so*
  • Talks excessively
  • Blurts out answers to questions before they have been completed
  • Has difficulty waiting his/her turn*

*Also normal for a child under 7.

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